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Completion Report Cyclone Remal

The Severe Cyclonic Storm Remal was a notably robust and incredibly devastating tropical cyclone that impacted West Bengal and Bangladesh, becoming the most expensive recorded tropical cyclone in Bangladesh in May 2024. This cyclone marked the first depression and cyclonic storm of the 2024 North Indian Ocean cyclone season. According to the Bangladesh Meteorological Department, it intensified into a cyclone from a deep depression on the evening of May 25th. The cyclone made landfall on the West Bengal and Bangladesh’s Sundarban Delta, close to the border at 8:30 pm on Sunday, May 26th, as a severe cyclonic storm. During landfall, the storm’s speed ranged between 100 and 135 kilometers per hour in the coastal area. Regrettably, Remal claimed the lives of at least 84 people, including 65 in India and 16 in Bangladesh. Approximately 30 million people in Bangladesh and many in West Bengal were affected by power outages.