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COVID-19 Midterm Report_compressed


COVID-19 -A dangerous, life-threatening virus started spreading from Hubei Province’s capital in the People’s Republic of China named Wuhan in December 2019. World Health Organization declared this COVID-19 as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on the last week of January 2020. WHO (World Health Organization) declared this COVID-19 as a pandemic on the second week of March 2020. In Bangladesh, COVID-19′s arrival date was 08th March 2020. COVID 19 spreads all over the country within a short time. Between 8 March 2020 to 08 August 2021, according to the DGHS Press Release there were 1,353,695 COVID-19 cases confirmed. Bangladesh is among the top 26 countries and accounts for 0.67% of the COVID- 19 cases of the world. The knowledge, attitude and regular practices to prevent COVID-19 were new for many Bangladeshi general people. These people not only had difficulty to have the authentic information, but many of them were also found lagging to follow those COVID-19 guidelines. People have been found ignoring the lockdown period and they were also observed ignoring the COVID-19 precautionary measures, such as wearing mask and avoiding crowded place, in different mass and social media platforms; this has triggered the urgency to evaluate COVID-19 responses among the general people of Bangladesh. The new corona virus has forced countries around the world to adopt measures such as flight bans, mandatory lockdowns and social distancing to prevent the pandemic from spreading