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February 2021 Monthly Report

Networking Partner DRR Training in Bagerhat, Galachipa, Cox’s Bazar, Habiganj, Pabna, Rangpur

Total 3,580 persons were benefited from A-PAD Bangladesh. A-PAD Bangladesh established disaster management coordination centers at 7 divisions. At that coordination centers A-PAD Bangladesh staff give training to the local community to build up resilience on disaster management. People from local community came to that coordination centers come to take suggestions on disaster management as well as public health.

On February 2021 A-PAD Bangladesh organized networking partner DRR training at 6 divisions. At that training workshop 2 organizations from each divisions had joined the training workshop. In Bangladesh there are different types of disaster in different areas. So that training workshop was designed based on that. But main objective of the training to make a resilience community and establish networking platform to work collaboratively during and after disaster.

COVID-19 is still major issue in Bangladesh. So that A-PAD Bangladesh organized sitting arrangement and make social distance, provide hand sanitizer to maintain hygiene and prevent COVID-19 outbreaks.

(This project is supported by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.)