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September 2021 Monthly Report

A-PAD Bangladesh started the project from January 2020 and presently started it from 17 January 2021 to build up capacity on disaster management. It communicates with the local community to give training on disaster management. To hold training program A-PAD Bangladesh staff organized small community meeting to sharing ideas on disaster and introduced them about A-PAD Bangladesh activities. A-PAD Bangladesh working 7 divisions in last years. A-PAD Bangladesh and its activities becoming very familiar and well accepted from different sectors like private sectors and civil society at that divisional areas.

There are expert teams consist of emergency health officer, medical assistant officer, field assistant and health workers in each divisions whose are doing home visit and aware the local community about basic disaster awareness. The team gave basic ideas about disaster management, preparedness, emergency health and doing mitigation plan for disaster risk reduction. A-PAD Bangladesh working at the rural areas all kind of directions or announcement from GOVT. or any disaster related news has been published the team delivering the message to the local community. A-PAD Bangladesh teams are working at the rural areas and Bangladesh GOVT. has completed the mass vaccination program of 1st dose and 2nd dose will be started s per scheduled. A-PAD Bangladesh encourage the community and increase their interest on taking vaccine as it is now the necessary elements during this pandemic situations. Total 5,210 persons were benefited from A-PAD Bangladesh on from September 2021.

A-PAD Bangladesh attended coordination meeting at the 7 divisions in Office of Deputy Commissioner and UNO Offices. At that meeting different NGOs had joined and explained their activities. Besides this what will be the next activities of the GOVT. and NGOs were discussed at that meeting.