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April 2021 Monthly Report

Project Activities and Accomplishments

A-PAD Bangladesh started project from January 2020 and presently continue it 17 January 2021 to build up capacity on disaster management. It communicate with the local community gave training on disaster management.Total 1,960 persons were benefited from A-PAD Bangladesh on March 2021. A-PAD Bangladesh established disaster management coordination centers at 7 divisions. At that coordination centers A-PAD Bangladesh staff give training to the local community to build up resilience on disaster management. People from local community came to that coordination centers come to take suggestions on disaster management as well as public health.On April 2021 COVID-19 becoming high and Government of Bangladesh went for lock down. At that situation all kind of training workshops has suspended. During that pandemic situation A-PAD Bangladesh staff continuing COVID-19 awareness program to aware the local community and build capacity on basic hygiene to protect them from COVID-19.Challenges The whole world is going through the pandemic situation. Sometimes it is tough to maintain social distancing during training and community meeting because people are still unaware about COVID-19.The project was not approved from the NGO Bureau, but CIS communicate with the GOVT. offices and explained all the documents had been submitted to the NGO Bureau and it is a continuation project of previous year so that had started the training program.

(This project is supported by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.)