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May 2021 Monthly Report

A-PAD Bangladesh started project from January 2020 and presently continue it 17 January 2021 to build up capacity on disaster management. It communicate with the local community gave training on disaster management. To hold training program A-PAD Bangladesh staff organized small community meeting to sharing ideas on disaster and introduced them about A-PAD Bangladesh activity. A-PAD Bangladesh working 7 divisions in last years. Few areas people have ideas about A-PAD Bangladesh activity and few areas didn’t know about A-PAD Bangladesh. So that the staffs’ organized small community meeting to introduced them about A-PAD Bangladesh, short brief of disaster and make plan on training workshops with the local community and community leaders.
Total 3,655 persons were benefited from A-PAD Bangladesh on May 2021. A-PAD Bangladesh established disaster management coordination centers at 7 divisions. At that coordination centers A-PAD Bangladesh staff give training to the local community to build up resilience on disaster management. People from local community came to that coordination centers come to take suggestions on disaster management as well as public health. At present the number of COVID-19 patients are increasing in the borders areas and some areas are becoming lockdown. A-PAD Bangladesh working areas are not in the borders areas and far away from border areas. A-PAD Bangladesh conducted training workshops and seminar maintaining all hygiene precaution and following the guidelines directed by the Government of Bangladesh.

(This project is supported by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.)